Become a Partner

ChannelAdvisor seeks partnerships that will help our sellers grow their business. The ChannelAdvisor platform offers retailers with the ability to manage and optimise inventory-driven online advertising and transactional channels.

Partnership Levels

Basic – This level of partnership provides our basic partners with a ChannelAdvisor test account with API access. Partners utilise this account in order to develop and maintain integrations between the ChannelAdvisor platform and their applications. API integrations are typically used by our Sellers to push inventory or shipping notifications into ChannelAdvisor from a partner application, or to pull order information out.

Bronze – In addition to integration access, the Bronze partners are listed on the ChannelAdvisor Partners page, and information about their solution is available via the Partners page, and also internally at ChannelAdvisor to Account Management and Sales teams. Bronze partners also get rights to use the ChannelAdvisor logo on their website to promote the integration and partnership. ChannelAdvisor certification is optional, but recommended.

Silver – Silver partners receive the benefits of Bronze partnerships, as well as the opportunity to promote the benefits of their offering via PR and a joint webinar. In addition, Silver partners will get credit towards a Catalyst Sponsorship in order to maximise their visibility and exposure to the ChannelAdvisor seller community. ChannelAdvisor certification is included and required for Silver partners

Gold – This is the highest level of partnership, and is a good fit for partners who want to maximise their exposure to the ChannelAdvisor seller community via Catalyst Sponsorship (credit included), multiple joint webinars, as well as PR.

ChannelAdvisor Developer Network

Integration partners can take advantage of the services supported by ChannelAdvisor’s open API.
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Partnership Categories

Inventory – Inventory partners can be any software platform that holds inventory data. These are typically e-commerce or ERP platforms that retailers use to manage their inventory. These partners could integrate with ChannelAdvisor to allow sellers who utilise their solution to push inventory into the ChannelAdvisor platform.

Advertising Channels – An Advertising Partner is one that provides a retailer with the opportunity to promote product ads or listings, which will then drive traffic back to the retailer’s website for conversion. Examples of Advertising partners would be Comparison Shopping Engines, Affiliate Networks or Retargeting platforms. These partners could provide a feed specification that ChannelAdvisor can offer to sellers, which would then allow sellers to push inventory and offers to the partner.

Transactional Channels – A Transactional partner is one that provides a retailer with the opportunity to sell products through a 3rd-party website. Transactional partners are typically marketplaces, but could also include product aggregators, social or mobile solutions that process orders outside of the retailer’s website. ChannelAdvisor can do an orders integration with these partners which would allow sellers on the ChannelAdvisor platform to process orders from this partner via their existing order integration.

 Fulfilment / OMS – Fulfilment or Order Management System (OMS) partners manage the post-order process on behalf of retailers. These would include partners with shipping, order management or other fulfilment offerings. These partners could integrate with ChannelAdvisor to pull down completed orders for ChannelAdvisor sellers who choose to take advantage of the partner offering.

Partnership Structures

Integration – Integration partners can take advantage of any of the services supported by ChannelAdvisor’s open API. Integration partners are typically Inventory or Fulfilment partners. 

Marketing – Gold, Silver and Bronze partners can take advantage of custom marketing partnerships. Opportunities include exposure of the partner offering to the ChannelAdvisor Sales and Account Management teams, joint PR, Catalyst sponsorships, joint webinars and joint event/tradeshow presence.

Channel Sales – ChannelAdvisor offers three types of Channel Sales partnerships: Agencies (partners who utilise ChannelAdvisor software on behalf of sellers), Resellers (partners who sell, implement and support sellers) and Referral Partners (partners who refer qualified leads to ChannelAdvisor).


Certification is required for Silver and Gold partners with an integration. It is optional but recommended for Bronze partners. A certification fee applies. This fee is included in the annual partnership fee for Silver and Gold partners.

Annual Subscription

Subscription fee is required for all levels of partnership. For details on subscription fees, please contact us for more information.


All partnership levels require references from existing ChannelAdvisor sellers in order to be accepted into the Partner Network.