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Capture Attention

Let’s face it–tablets changed the way shoppers want to view products.  They want interactive, engaging images that give them a detailed view of the product. With ChannelAdvisor’s Rich Media solution you can ensure that you are providing customers with the experience that will make them not only feel excited about their purchase, but confident in what they are ordering.

ChannelAdvisor Rich Media allows you to give shoppers an eagle’s eye view of your product.  Whether you want click and pan zoom, drag box zoom, video or even a 360 viewer, we have the tools to help you showcase your products.

Plus, we help you maintain that experience across all devices.  Whether it is a tablet, PC or mobile, our viewers use the latest web technologies to help you convert shoppers into buyers on any device.

Manage Images

As shoppers continue to be more visual, retailers are flooded in images.  How do you organise your source images and ensure that you are delivering the right one at the right time?  What about changing out images for specific promotions?

With ChannelAdvisor’s Rich Media solution you can efficiently manage all your digital assets.  That means you can upload and organise source images, manage workflow, then test and deploy images– all through a simple web interface. Use our unique Preview Mode to preview media changes in your live site before publishing it to your audience. Also, you can make sure that you deliver the right image for that Mother’s Day promotion through our Versioning Control.

By allowing you to manage all of your assets and helping you easily integrate with e-commerce platforms or shopping carts, you can deliver the optimum shopper experience without the headache.

Deliver Images

Now that you have all the images that you need to showcase your product and they are properly managed, you need to deliver those images reliably and quickly.  You also need to ensure that your content is optimised.  Enter ChannelAdvisor.

With our Rich Media solution, you can be assured that your images are delivered through the world’s largest content delivery network. That means you can easily integrate your images with your e-commerce platform, shopping cart or social applications–without fear.  Now you can focus on what really matters–creating a compelling customer experience.