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ChannelAdvisor Corporation and its subsidiaries (“ChannelAdvisor”) provides technology and services that enable industry-leading companies (“ChannelAdvisor Client(s)”) to market and sell items to their customers online (“Shoppers”) and maximize inventory yield. ChannelAdvisor is committed to maintaining the privacy of all users of the website (ChannelAdvisor Clients, Shoppers, and other website visitors are referred to herein collectively as “Users”). If you have accessed this Privacy Policy by clicking on the privacy policy link on a site other than the ChannelAdvisor website, your information may be collected by ChannelAdvisor as a service to the entity that controls such other website and the ChannelAdvisor Privacy Policy terms will apply to the collection of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy describes the ChannelAdvisor practices for gathering, storing, using and disseminating information of Users. By visiting this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions set forth below, please do not use or access the ChannelAdvisor services or website. By using this website, you expressly consent to the use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information as outlined below. This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time. All changes will be posted to this site and you are encouraged to periodically check back to this site for any changes to the Privacy Policy.  By continuing to use this website after any posted revision, each User agrees to abide by it.  This version supersedes any previous draft.


All Users.  In general, you can visit this website without revealing any personal information about yourself. ChannelAdvisor may, however, collect automatically submitted information regarding your computer and connection, including previous and subsequent URL, IP address and page viewing data.  ChannelAdvisor will collect any comments you may send to ChannelAdvisor and any information you may post to the ChannelAdvisor site or a ChannelAdvisor Client site powered by ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor may also collect information through the use of Cookies (as defined below).  ChannelAdvisor electronically collects and stores personally identifiable information you provide when you: (1) register with ChannelAdvisor, (2) become a ChannelAdvisor Client or business partner, (3) participate in the purchase/auction for a product listed by a ChannelAdvisor Client, (4) complete a checkout page for a product purchased from a ChannelAdvisor Client, (5) provide comments or submit a problem to ChannelAdvisor or a ChannelAdvisor Client, (6) request information from ChannelAdvisor and provide your name or return contact information, or (7) respond to special offers, contests or surveys. ChannelAdvisor may collect and associate the various types of information described in this paragraph, including information gathered from your visits and interactions with our website over time, to record your preferences, make the website easier for you to use, and show you relevant content. At this time, this website does not respond to browser “do not track” signals. ChannelAdvisor Clients may choose whether or not to respond to such signals on their own web properties and ChannelAdvisor has no control over such choices.

Shoppers and ChannelAdvisor Clients.  If you are using the online services and offerings of ChannelAdvisor (“Services”), whether through the ChannelAdvisor website or a third party site, ChannelAdvisor may electronically collect and store personally identifiable information about you including email, billing and shipping addresses, credit card or bank account numbers, purchasing information, product information and product order information. In addition, ChannelAdvisor may also collect information about your bidding, buying and selling history as well as third party comments regarding your bidding, buying and selling behavior. Bidding and buying history may specifically include your history with respect to any failure to complete sales on winning bids.  As part of the registration or checkout process, you may be asked to provide contact and billing information and other personally identifying information. Providing some of the requested information is optional and ChannelAdvisor will indicate what information is required and what information is optional.  You can always choose not to provide information even though it may be needed to make a purchase from a ChannelAdvisor Client or take advantage of ChannelAdvisor Services or features.


Cookies” are small data files that may be placed on the hard drive of your computer when you visit the ChannelAdvisor site or a ChannelAdvisor Client site powered by ChannelAdvisor. Cookies permit the ChannelAdvisor server to identify your browser whenever you interact with the ChannelAdvisor site or a ChannelAdvisor Client site powered by ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor uses cookies to improve the functionality of its site, to recognize repeat visits by users of its site, and to collect information about its users’ interactions with the Services. These Cookies contain identification information that enables us to streamline your experiences using the Services and the ChannelAdvisor site. These cookies may be placed by ChannelAdvisor or by select third party partners we collaborate with. To learn more or to opt out of placement of these cookies, visit the Network Advertising Initiative website or Digital Advertising Alliance website. You are always free to set your browser software to decline cookies. However, if you decline cookies, you will be required to reenter your login information each time you access the Services, and you may not be able to optimize the features of the Services. In some cases, you will not be able to access Services if cookies are disabled. By agreeing to accept cookies from ChannelAdvisor’s site or a ChannelAdvisor Client site powered by ChannelAdvisor, the following types of cookies could be placed on your computer.

  • Social Media Cookies: These cookies are used to integrate our site with popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Social Media cookies allow visitors to share content quickly and easily with their social networks.
  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies are used to measure website traffic and activity.
  • Advertising Cookies:  These cookies help correlate online advertising to a visitor’s interests by displaying marketing messages that are relevant to a user based on a user’s browsing history and preferences.


Data Integrity; Choice. ChannelAdvisor will use personally identifiable information only in ways that are compatible with the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently authorized by a User. ChannelAdvisor will take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is relevant to its intended use, accurate, complete and current.  ChannelAdvisor will offer Users the opportunity to choose (opt-out) whether their personally identifiable information is to be disclosed to a third party or used for a purpose other than the purpose for which it was originally collected or subsequently authorized by the User.  For sensitive personally identifiable information as described in the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles (as defined herein), ChannelAdvisor will provide Users the opportunity to affirmatively and explicitly (opt-in) consent to such use. ChannelAdvisor collects aggregate analytics information related to use of the ChannelAdvisor Services by Users (such as log and configuration data). We use this information to understand how the Services are being configured and used, how they can be improved for the benefit of Users, and to develop new Services.

Other Disclosures. ChannelAdvisor may disclose a User’s personally identifiable information if required to do so by law or if ChannelAdvisor has a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary to protect and/or defend the rights and interests of ChannelAdvisor or others. ChannelAdvisor may, as permitted by applicable law, disclose your personally identifiable information to ChannelAdvisor Clients, other Users or third parties in connection with an investigation of fraud, infringement, piracy or other unlawful activity and you expressly authorize ChannelAdvisor to make such disclosures.

Domestic and International Use. All personally identifiable information collected by ChannelAdvisor may be: (1) used in the United States; (2) transferred to the United States for use of the Services by a foreign ChannelAdvisor Clientif the Services are undertaken by ChannelAdvisor for a Client; or (3) transferred to a ChannelAdvisor location or Client outside of the United States. You consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.

Merger or Acquisition. If ChannelAdvisor is merged into or acquired by another entity, personally identifiable information may be transferred to such entity as a part of the merger or acquisition.  Should such a transaction occur, we will require that the other entity follow this Privacy Policy or one substantially similar that complies with the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.


Bidding and Buying Process. If you are a Shopper, we share personally identifiable information about you with that ChannelAdvisor Client in order to assist you with the bidding and buying process as well as to assist ChannelAdvisor Clients with the selling process. ChannelAdvisor will retain your information at ChannelAdvisor to support the transaction. To the extent that ChannelAdvisor Clients or ChannelAdvisor’s agents have access to a Shopper’s personally identifiable information, these entities will treat this information in no less a secure manner than they treat the personally identifiable information of customers who purchase directly through the website of that ChannelAdvisor Client. If you are a Shopper, you are encouraged to review the privacy policies of the ChannelAdvisor Clients and/or websites that provide the products or services related to your bid or purchase. Shoppers should contact these ChannelAdvisor Clients and/or websites directly and review their privacy policies should you have questions concerning their use of your information such as, for example, communications you may or may not wish to receive.

Customer Support. Contact information provided by a Shopper in connection with problems, comments or requests is used only to respond to those problems, comments or requests and may be provided to ChannelAdvisor Clients or third parties as necessary to respond to the comment, problem or request.

Marketing/Special Offers/Solicitation from ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor may use a Shopper’s information to provide updates and for other business purposes related to making available the features and functions of Services. ChannelAdvisor also may use information a Shopper provides to make a Shopper aware of new products or special offers or promotions. ChannelAdvisor will abide by requests from you to discontinue such use.  As a Shopper, if you receive communications directly from a ChannelAdvisor Client, you should contact the ChannelAdvisor Client directly concerning such communications and review their privacy policies.  A Shopper will receive such information as described in this Section unless a Shopper has opted out of receiving such information from ChannelAdvisor as part of the checkout process.  Outside of the checkout process, Shoppers may also opt out of receiving such information (if you have not already opted out of receiving it) by sending a request as described below.

Providing Your Information to Third Parties for Marketing/Solicitation (Shoppers). If you are a Shopper, Channel Advisor does not sell your personally identifiable information to third parties for purposes of marketing or soliciting you, provided however, we may share personally identifiable information with a third party upon your prior consent (opt-out).  To the extent that ChannelAdvisor Clients (for example, a seller of an item you purchased) have access to your personally identifiable information as a result of your bidding or buying, where ChannelAdvisor provides your information to ChannelAdvisor Clients as part of a transaction you may be involved in with such ChannelAdvisor Client, these entities may solicit or market to you in accordance with their policies. As a Shopper, you are encouraged to review the privacy policies of the ChannelAdvisor Clients that provide the products or services related to your bid or purchase. You should contact ChannelAdvisor Clients directly and review their privacy policies should you have questions concerning their use of your personally identifiable information such as, for example, communications you may or may not wish to receive.

Providing Your Information to Third Parties for Marketing/Solicitation (ChannelAdvisor Clients). If you are a ChannelAdvisor Client, ChannelAdvisor may provide certain of your registration information to third parties for use in marketing and in designing or providing their own services, to send you information about its products and to notify you if you win a contest. You may opt out of ChannelAdvisor providing such information to third parties at any time by updating your Personal Account Settings or by contacting ChannelAdvisor. You should contact the third party directly who may already be sending you messages in order to request that these communications stop, and to review their privacy policies.

Bidding, Buying, Selling History. ChannelAdvisor may use any information collected related to a Shopper or ChannelAdvisor Client’s bidding, buying or selling history to generate recommendations and predictions related to likelihood of your willingness to complete a bid and may submit such history and recommendations to ChannelAdvisor Clients.


If you either (i) have created a Shopper profile, or (ii) opted to receive marketing information from ChannelAdvisor, you may access, modify, remove, correct or update personally identifiable information by contacting ChannelAdvisor as indicated in Section XI below. ChannelAdvisor may retain transactional history in order to document a transaction you may have had with a ChannelAdvisor Client. You should contact the ChannelAdvisor Client (for example, the seller of an item you have purchased) directly in order to access, modify or update your personal information with them.


As a part of the Services, ChannelAdvisor provides links to web sites operated by third parties. ChannelAdvisor is not responsible for the information collection or privacy practices or the content of those third party sites. Users should check the privacy policies of any site prior to use.


ChannelAdvisor treats data as an asset and therefore stores personally identifiable information it obtains using appropriate safeguards. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, ChannelAdvisor has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to protect personally identifiable information in its possession from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. However, third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions, and other users may abuse or misuse your personally identifiable information that they collect from our website. You should consider any communication that you transmit to ChannelAdvisor (such as data, questions or answers, comments, or suggestions) as non-confidential, and agree that ChannelAdvisor will not be liable or responsible if information that belongs to you is intercepted and used by an unintended recipient.


ChannelAdvisor uses reasonable efforts not to collect, use or disclose personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. The Services are not targeted at children, and children may not register for any of the Services.


ChannelAdvisor has established internal mechanisms to verify its ongoing adherence to this Privacy Policy. ChannelAdvisor also encourages Users to raise any concerns or complaints about our processing of personally identifiable information by contacting ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor will seek to resolve any concerns. If you have any questions about anything in this Privacy Policy, or about collection of personally identifiable information, or information generally, please contact ChannelAdvisor as follows:

ChannelAdvisor Corporation
Attn: Legal Department – Privacy Officer
2701 Aerial Center Parkway
Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919-228-4700
Fax: 866-225-3085

For Users located in Australia:

ChannelAdvisor (AU) Pty Limited
Level 1, 2 Stawell Street
Richmond, Melbourne
Australia 3121
Phone: +61 3 8845 6505

You may also use the above contact information if you think any information about you is inaccurate, incomplete, or if you want to change the sort of information about you that ChannelAdvisor may have collected.

Section Headings. The section headings contained herein are for reference purposes only and shall not in any way affect the meaning or interpretation of this Privacy Policy.

Safe Harbor Principles. ChannelAdvisor adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles and complies with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework as agreed to and set forth by the United States Department of Commerce and the European Union (“EU”), (“Safe Harbor Privacy Principles”).  For personally identifiable information received by ChannelAdvisor from Users in the EU, ChannelAdvisor adheres to the following additional principles:

Dispute Resolution. Complaints based on human resources data of ChannelAdvisor employees and job applicants in the EU that cannot be resolved between ChannelAdvisor and a User will be referred to EU Data Protection Authorities.  All other complaints that cannot be resolved between ChannelAdvisor and a User will be referred to the American Arbitration Association for resolution.

Transfers to Third Parties. When ChannelAdvisor uses other third parties to perform Services on its behalf or otherwise transmits personally identifiable information to third parties, ChannelAdvisor will require the third party to treat personally identifiable information consistent with this Privacy Policy and Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.

Revised September 2014