Timing is Everything: Your 2019 Calendar Essentials


It’s no secret that timing is everything when it comes to e-commerce. We’re not just talking about the timing of specific promotions in relation to sales events. We’re talking about everything, from managing customer feedback to fulfilment. That’s why we’ve compiled your Essential 2019 E-Commerce Calendar. It’s filled with industry events, promotions and all the essential dates, tips and topics that should be on your radar from now until the end of financial year. You can download it right here and include it in your e-commerce strategy for the first half of 2019.

Here are a few highlights from the calendar so you know what to expect in the next few months:

January: Have you bid up on Back-to-School keywords? Check out our Back-to-school cheat sheet here to make sure you’re top of the class. And don’t forget Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

February: Are you maximising your visibility and sales on local marketplaces? The All-Star Bash is going to be a highlight this month and don’t forget any seasonal ad campaigns related to Autumn.

March: Did you know that 90% of surveyed consumers are in the habit of reading reviews before visiting a business and 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review. Inviting shoppers to review products on your site or by email campaigns is vital. This month is filled with tips for brands and retailers with multichannel and multi-marketplace strategies.

April: It is estimated that by 2022 cross-border shopping will make up 20% of all e-commerce—with sales forecast to reach $630 billion. If CBT isn’t part of your strategy yet, maybe now is the time to join the many brands already seeing huge success overseas. Making the transition needn’t be costly or risky – so long as you start small and stay agile. Is it Time to Expand your Horizons? April is filled with lots of tips on CBT and marketplaces. And don’t forget that Mother’s Day is next month! (Consider this both your personal and professional reminder).

May: The weather is changing and it’s time to kick off Winter ad campaigns. Make sure you structure them logically. Pair similar keywords, ad groups and campaigns with impactful ad copy and relevant product landing pages. This month is filled with digital marketing tips and tricks. And will we be seeing you at Retail Global on the Gold Coast?

June: The end of financial year is fast approaching and Amazon Prime Day is next month. It may sound crazy (where has the year gone?) but now is a good time to start planning your holiday season campaigns and finalise the details you need for a successful Christmas and New Year period. Time to get thinking about 2020 already!

And just like that, the first half of 2019 has flown by, in a blur of social posts, fulfilment advancements and marketplace explosions. But it wouldn’t be e-commerce if it wasn’t a fast-paced blur of activity now, would it? Download your first-half 2019 Calendar here, and keep your eyes peeled for our July – December 2019 Calendar coming soon.