Making the Most of Father’s Day 2018


It feels like we’ve just finished up with Mother’s Day sales, and yet, Father’s Day is just around the corner! This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, 2 September 2018.

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the important men in your life, whether that’s a dad, step-dad, grandfather or uncle. Recent research shows that gifts relating to leisure, entertainment and experiences are well received as well as fashion and cosmetic products, especially branded products (a boom in the millennial dad category means an expansion of ‘typical’ Father’s Day gift ideas). Retailers should be ready with the right strategy to engage their target audience (both the men at the receiving end as well as gift-givers!). So how do you ensure that your products are more likely to convert in the lead up to Father’s Day?

Get Started

September 2 will be here in no time, so take the time to remind your consumers of that! Get your social channels started with Father’s Day content and include curated gift ideas. Schedule your eDMs and advertising and don’t forget to include product images to take care of the visual element.


Ensure that you communicate exactly what your consumer needs to know for Father’s Day. Are you having a sale? Make sure they’re aware and don’t miss out (or conversely purchase early prior to a sales event and get annoyed). Do you offer express shipping? What’s the absolute last chance they will have to purchase before missing this deadline? Make sure you communicate this. Do you have a gift card option? Make sure this is clear at checkout if they want to send their gift with a personalised card straight to dad. Do you have a wishlist option? Don’t forget to communicate to all those fathers that they can subtly, or not so subtly, let your consumer know exactly what they want! It broadens your target demographic of shoppers as well.  

Marketplace Strategy

Do you have a presence on Amazon, eBay, Catch or other marketplaces? Consider what terms your consumer might use when researching gift ideas and optimise accordingly. Post Prime Day and the launch of eBay Plus, make sure you strategise to ensure your products are seen by the expanding customer base on marketplaces who are enjoying the perks of membership.

Have a look at this tip sheet about visibility on Amazon and organic search for more ideas on marketplace success.

Don’t forget the basics

Search strategies are just as important now as they have ever been. Once consumers have completed research (think “father’s day gifts” or “presents for dad”), search queries get quite specific. Don’t forget the long tail. Bid on specific terms that describe your product.


If you’re already using ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing, you’ll be able to add Father’s Day promos straight from the software. Look at your results last year and work out the promotion that will be the most effective. What resonates with your consumer? Free shipping? A percentage off? A discount code?

To stay on top of the events that need to be a part of your 2018 retail strategy, download our Essential E-Commerce Calendar here.

For more information on how ChannelAdvisor can assist with your digital marketing or marketplace strategies in the lead up to Father’s Day, contact us today.