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Are you utilising eBay’s in-store pickup option?

Not only are the lines between online and offline shopping becoming increasingly blurred, but the line between marketplace and in-store shopping is also merging. The driving force for this fluidity is, of course, catering to what the customer wants.

E-commerce retailers with brick-and-mortar stores know that offering a pickup option is great for expanding sales visibility and customer satisfaction. In late 2014, eBay added in-store pickup functionality to Australia after it achieved huge success in both the US and UK. Sellers have reported extremely positive results and consumers are enjoying the perks.

For the seller, additional foot traffic means additional purchases by customers who are keen to ‘add to basket’ once they’re physically in-store. This increases the order value per purchase. It also means cost savings for retailers who aren’t paying for packing and postage (and the employee time that comes with that). Customers get to have a more immediate shopping experience by cutting out wait time for an order to arrive to their address, but an additional effect is that in-store pickup reduces the need for returns by mail. This means less hassle for both retailer and consumer. When in-store pickup is available, this is flagged directly in the search results, encouraging more buyers to view the item.

The majority of consumers choose pickup because they don’t want to pay delivery and know they are near a store. The second most popular reason is that they need the item in a hurry, and the third most popular reason is the convenience of knowing that the item they want to purchase is available and has not sold out.

From a logistics perspective, retailers either need to provide quantity for each SKU within each store, allowing for almost immediate pickup, or provide quantity available from a central warehouse or between stores to be delivered for pickup within a designated timeframe. Customers receive an email or SMS when their order is available to be collected. This should be within the fastest time frame possible to ensure that in-store pickup is seen as a more efficient option. Automated integration is available so that eBay has all the information required to process orders with minimal work required from the retailer.

If you want to find out if in-store pickup on eBay is right for you, contact ChannelAdvisor to see how we can streamline the process and increase your sales.

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