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Australian Retailers: Is Trade Me On Your Radar?

Cross-border trade (CBT) has become one of the most popular e-commerce trends over the last few years. To put it into perspective, more than two thirds of consumers now shop cross-border. With this growing trend in mind, it seems that retailers across the globe are searching for the next lucrative market and international opportunity for their business.

For Australian retailers, New Zealand is an attractive and lucrative region. New Zealanders now buy 18.2 million items online per annum to the value of $4.6 billion. These online consumers are willing to shop internationally – 66% of online shoppers in New Zealand made a purchase from an overseas website in the last three months. More than 60% of those people say that they could not find the items available on a New Zealand retail site. These trends spell out an exciting opportunity for Australian retailers.

Why Sell To New Zealand?

The most obvious reason to sell to New Zealand is that translation costs are avoided as the country is English-speaking. There are also the cultural similarities to Australia and the UK.

What’s more, postage costs are relatively low since it’s our next door neighbour. The proximity and language make New Zealand a popular destination for Australian retailers looking to expand internationally.

Is Trade Me Really That Popular In New Zealand?

While eBay and Amazon are the top marketplaces in many countries, both are dwarfed in New Zealand by the local marketplace: Trade Me. In a country of 4.6 million people, there are 4.1 million member accounts on Trade Me and more than 4.8 million listings. Trade Me leads online retail, with close to 2 million monthly visits to its site. One million members bought or sold an item on Trade Me in the past year. The marketplace ranks as the fifth most trafficked website in New Zealand, behind Google, Youtube and Facebook.

Known as the place ‘where New Zealanders go to shop online’, Trade Me is a multi-category marketplace that began as a platform for secondhand goods sold in auction format, similar to eBay. Trade Me is now ramping up its status towards a new goods, fixed-price, B2C marketplace.

Due to the geographic isolation of New Zealand, Trade Me has plenty of under-supplied categories, especially for global brands.

What Are Trade Me Looking For In A seller?

Trade Me aims to match the best international retailers with the strong demand they find on Trade Me. The marketplace is looking for sellers that:

  • Have good current marketplace success (e.g. good sales and feedback on eBay or Amazon)
  • Can fill a product gap on Trade Me or offer a price efficiency
  • Have experience with international shipping (not a requirement for those new to CBT)
  • Have average sale prices over $20.

Trade Me has seen success with international sellers that have an average sale price over $20. This is to counter the cost of shipping to New Zealand, but it is not a hard and fast rule.

An additional benefit to selling internationally on Trade Me is that any import duties are payable by the buyers themselves and they are already well versed in International purchases.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re interested in learning more about selling on Trade Me, contact us on 1 300 887 239 or email for more information about the next steps to take.

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