Demographics and Amazon: Is it a part of your launch strategy?


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Amazon has yet to launch in Australia and yet it’s already taking the country by storm. Australian have already been spending between $500-$700m from and Amazon converts 49% of Australian browsers into shoppers. That Australians have shown that they are receptive and open to the Amazon opportunity is an understatement!.

The latest figures show that almost 70% of Australians surveyed indicate they are likely to purchase from Amazon when they launch in Australia. These figures are contained in the new CommBank Retail Insights Report which is based on surveys of key decision makers from 506 small, medium and large Australian retail businesses and 1,500 Australian consumers. The survey found that consumers are keen to jump on board and take advantage of Amazon’s arrival, while many retailers are still in the process of working out their launch strategy.

Interestingly, while 80% of Generation Z and Y shoppers are ready to use the service, it’s the older generations with the strongest awareness of Amazon. The marketplace actually has advertising tools that allow sellers to reach target demographics. These marketing tools, along with listing strategies should always have the target audience in mind.  

Commonwealth Bank National Manager, Retail, Jerry Macey, said that it seems Australian shoppers are ready for Amazon. “Although Amazon’s arrival is reportedly weeks, not months, away, it will have a staged entry. So there is time to put plans in place, but that window is closing.”

Given the breakdown of demographics, it’s important for retailers to keep this in mind when it comes to strategy. “Savvy retailers will be looking to better understand their target market and provide a relevant experience for that group,” said Macey. “For instance, younger generations want a more engaging experience in-store to prevent them drifting online.”

(image source: CommBank)

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