Don’t Play Catch Up: Launch with Success on Catch


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It’s understandable that retailers are feeling overwhelmed. With Amazon’s impending arrival, changes to eBay and the recently launched Catch marketplace, it’s difficult to know where to allocate your efforts. The good news is, marketplaces like Catch are set up to help retailers succeed. It’s all about understanding the guidelines and making sure you comply with best practices.

  • Customer service

Catch wants to ensure its shoppers can enjoy thousands of great deals on a massive range of products with the best customer service at the highest standards. Its guidelines essentially exist to ensure the customer experience is paramount. Make customer satisfaction your underlying aim and the rest will follow.

  • Be clear

When setting up your shop on the Catch marketplace, ensure that you include all relevant information. This includes customer care details and your visual identity. Customers want to know that you are reputable and trustworthy and this is how you can develop that trust. The benefit of marketplaces is that your products are seen by an audience that may not have heard of your brand before. This is why it is even more essential to include as much up-to-date information as possible so that you can develop loyal relationships with a new segment of shoppers. Optimised listings and quality product data is key.

  • Shipping

Sellers who offer free shipping can get access to Catch’s most loyal customers. General Manager of Catch Adam Kron explains that there are thousands of marketplace products which qualify for free shipping through Club Catch in addition to the 25,000 products Catch offers itself. If you want to be a part of this, it may be time to think through your fulfilment strategy.

Catch doesn’t currently offer warehousing or delivery of products on behalf of sellers, which means it is entirely up to sellers to ensure a seamless experience when it comes to fulfilment. Shoppers have high expectations in relation to delivery and it’s up to sellers to ensure those expectations are met.

  • Feedback

Like on most marketplaces, it is essential to maintain the standards of quality customer service. The Catch dashboard on the statistics page provides sellers with detail on the variables defining their activity such as acceptable deadlines for action. It’s important to remain on top of what is expected of you as a seller when it comes to delivery, returns and customer feedback.

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  • Pricing

As with any marketplace, ensure that you follow pricing guidelines. Always monitor competitor pricing and how it changes so that you can stay competitive in your area. If you sell through more than one marketplace or have a large volume of products, getting on top this manually can be difficult if not impossible. Consider Automated Repricing and having Product Intelligence as part of your strategy to stay on top of everything.

For more information on pricing, see Pricing for Marketplaces: The Definitive Guide.

Selling on a new marketplace comes with new challenges but equally comes with an array of new opportunities. For more on how ChannelAdvisor can support you on the Catch marketplace, contact us today.