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It’s never safe to rest on your laurels when it comes to listing on eBay – even if you’re a seasoned seller. When it comes to shopping on eBay, for the most part, buyers don’t want to scroll through hundreds of listings – they want to find the item they’re looking for quickly, at the right price, then buy and get it delivered fast. To help you capture these customers at the right stage of the journey, we’ve identified the top areas you should focus on to boost your visibility on eBay.

Spending just a small amount of time scrutinising your listings process can reap big rewards. To make it manageable, break down your listings into four main areas, and identify any places where you can optimise your listings to boost visibility.

1)    Listing Data

  • Titles: Effective titles are key to your visibility. You have 80 characters available to you when creating a title. Make sure you use them all to cover all search terms a customer would use. We recommend constructing titles that are consistent and easy to read. If you follow a recurring pattern it will make it easy for customers to browse your products in your store. An example on how to build a title out of attributes for an apparel retailer would be the following: Title = Brand + Gender + Product Type(s) + Material + Colour + Size + Additional attribute(s)
  • Subtitles: Subtitles are not searchable, that means they do not help to be found in natural search results. However, they help customers by conveying trust or creating an urgency to buy if you have a limited time offer or any other benefit. Subtitles can make a difference in conversion. Note: Subtitles cost AU $2 per listing. Try to group items by using multi-variations, this will reduce your cost as well.
  • Descriptions: The main purpose of a description is to set expectations and to answer open questions. When drafting descriptions, it’s worth remembering to:
    • Set expectations by being clear on what the customer will get, list each item that you will send
    • Place your most important product information and attributes at the top of your description
    • Reduce returns and queries by adding a clear and more detailed description as a separate paragraph
    • Structure your content to enable skim-reading
    • Avoid writing long text with little meaning – be precise and structured
  • Item Specifics: Item Specifics are important as they are used as filters on eBay. If you do not match important item specifics within the category you’re listing in, you may lose customers as they filter for a given colour or size value.
  • Product Identifiers: In many categories on eBay you are required to provide details such as brand, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) or Global Trade Item Numbers (UPC, EAN, ISBN where applicable). To be visible in search results, not only on eBay but also on search engines such as Google and Bing, product identifiers will increase your chances to be found and to convert. GTIN’s are globally recognised identifiers that will bring international exposure. Also, you may be able to match eBay’s catalogue and benefit from quality data pre-populated on your listing.
  • Images: Images are your chance to stand out over the rest and you influence how your brand is perceived. Images should be of high quality with no artwork or borders. High quality images measuring 1600 pixels on the longest size are ideal for mobile devices and zoom-able. Having three or more images increases conversion. You’re encouraged to add up to 12 images.
  • Store design:  Your store Design gives you the ability to showcase your brand(s) and build a presence on eBay. Regular updates to your store design encourage customers to regularly visit your store. Typical changes would include promotional banner updates or image changes, updated store categories. You want to build a professional face for your brand(s) and place you want to drive traffic to through promotions. Remember that from the middle of this year, no active content will be permitted in your eBay design. This will be important to tackle now by updating your store design, making it fully mobile optimised and removing active content.
  • Premium Badge: If you achieve Top Rated Seller status you are eligible to feature the Premium Badge on your listings. This badge is of great importance to rank better against eBay’s Best Match Algorithm. To enable the badge, you have to meet requirements such as offering free standard delivery and offer handling time of 0-1 days.

2)    Shipping/ Pickup

  • Fast & Free: If you can’t get the Premium Badge, don’t worry, there is still the option to stand out of the crowd by offering quick handling times (0-1 day) and offering free standard delivery. This will show the Fast & Free truck on your listings in search results. Fast & Free displays prominently in natural search results, it’s an immediate visible benefit that can help customers to convert.
  • Click & Collect: Woolworths and BigW partnered up with eBay to offer a network of locations where customers can pick up parcels. There are requirements such as free delivery and package dimensions and weight to be eligible for Click & Collect. Once you meet these requirements you can enable this feature as shipping option.
  • Buy Online Pickup in Store:  You may have noticed that some sellers offer collection in their stores. If you have physical stores you could offer collection from your store or fulfil from these directly. If you don’t have stores, we recommend you make use of Click & Collect and offer this as alternative.
  • Ship Internationally: If you can ship to other countries, simply add each country or region to your Postage Business Policy within eBay. This will enable your listings to surface on other eBay locales, depending on where you ship to. Enabling shipping to other countries immediately adds visibility on eBay in those countries (where eBay has a local presence). 

3. Promotions/ Marketing

  • Promotions Manager: Make use of Promotions Manager as you can now easily advertise products and grow the average order value on your store. Create offers such as discounts over a certain order value or give a discount when a customer buys additional items.
  • Markdown Manager/ Strikethrough Pricing: Competitive pricing is key. Watch your competition and adjust pricing accordingly. You may want to discount at first to gain sales on your listings to build a visible sales history. Alternate pricing in line with your promotions calendar. Tools to do this are either Strikethrough Pricing (STP) or Markdown Manager. STP requires eBay approval. However, any shop on eBay can make use of Markdown Manager which is the best functionality eBay can offer to show discounted Was/Now Pricing.
  • Promoted Listings: Promoted Listings help you to be seen in natural search results. This relatively new feature offers you the ability to bid (1-20%) on your ad (listing) and you only pay when a customer converts. No pay per click fee, cost is only charged on success.
  • Collections:  Collections are a good tool to group items from your own store but also other seller into one collection that users can view, share and comment on. Collections have often been compared to Pinterest as the social aspect of this tool is similar. With this tool you can promote unusual items, create trends and engage with new customers.

 4. Analytics

  • Analytics:  Analytics should be your best friend to keep track of sales and visibility. Keep a regular eye on your metrics and try to identify patterns or learnings. When you see first indications of a change (i.e. a drop in sales), check your analytics to see if any specific listings are causing issues or if other factors contribute to this.

Successful selling on eBay takes time and effort. With some tweaks you can make a big impact on your overall performance. If you need additional advice on how to best allocate your marketplaces resources and automate tedious tasks, feel free to reach out to any of ChannelAdvisor’s e-commerce experts at

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