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Why Guaranteed Delivery Will be a Game Changer for eBay Sellers

Sellers: Are you ready for eBay Guaranteed Delivery ? Because your buyers are. And so are your e-commerce competitors.

Since making major headlines last month, eBay’s new shipping feature has been gearing up for launch in early 2018. It’s going to transform the way people purchase items on the marketplace. If eBay Guaranteed Delivery isn’t already on your radar, it should be. Here’s what brands and retailers need to know.

What Is eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

eBay’s new Guaranteed Delivery feature formalises what millions of eBay buyers already experience: Fast, reliable fulfilment for millions of orders, many of which ship for free. Only now, rather than poking around at various listings to see which sellers will be speediest, eBay shoppers will be able to filter out search results based on guaranteed delivery days.

In a matter of months, millions of purchase-ready consumers will opt to show only items that are guaranteed by eBay to arrive in under 4 days.

It’s all about delivering convenience at no additional cost, including:

– Guaranteed Delivery Dates: Items arrive by a guaranteed date;

– More Search Options: The ability to filter, sort and search items by a guaranteed delivery speed; and

– Increased Confidence: If an item doesn’t arrive by the delivery date, eBay will make it right.

This is an opportunity for growth for both eBay and retailers, improving logistics for sellers and convenience for buyers.

“We know from our research 53 per cent of Australians see fast delivery as an important factor to online shopping, wanting to know exactly when their items will arrive. We also know that 21% of Australian sales on eBay ship within 2 days. eBay Guaranteed Delivery marries the convenience of on-demand with eBay’s unrivalled range of new and unique products,” said eBay Managing Director Tim MacKinnon

How to Get Started with eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Participation in eBay Guaranteed Delivery is optional, but there are big benefits to sellers who choose to take part. eBay sellers will have two options for leveraging the program:

  1. Door-to-Door: Larger sellers and retailers with multiple fulfilment centres can use their own regional rate tables to guarantee delivery dates. With this option, the seller will be responsible for refunds and return labels if an item arrives after the guaranteed date
  2. Handling Time Option: Smaller sellers can opt to have eBay calculate guaranteed delivery dates and handle refunds and returns as long as they handle within one day and use eBay labels to ensure automatic tracking. If an item arrives after the guaranteed date, eBay covers the buyer with a shipping refund or free return label.

No matter which option you choose, acceptance into the program will hinge on a proven track record of fast handling times and strong fulfilment operations.

To increase your chances of qualifying, focus on shipping best practices, such as using eBay labels, fast handling, multiple shipping options and reliable returns.

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