[Retail TouchPoints] Winning with Pages from Amazon’s Playbook

Retail TouchPoints

For competing retailers, there’s no time to waste; veteran Amazon-watchers note that the company’s ambitions stretch well beyond the retail sphere. “What you need to understand is that Jeff Bezos doesn’t run Amazon like a traditional CEO,” said Cooper Smith, former Director of Amazon Research at Gartner L2 in an interview with Retail TouchPoints.

“His ambition isn’t to become the world’s number one retailer. That’s a means to an end. His vision is for Amazon to be the ultimate purveyor in the marketing, selling and transportation of goods. If you take a step back, Amazon’s opportunity is in owning every aspect of the supply chain.”

This second annual guide to Winning With Pages From Amazon’s Playbook will offer a look at key technologies that retailers can use to keep pace with, or even outpace, the Seattle-based giant, including:

  • Creating a unified commerce framework;
  • Profit-optimising inventory;
  • Removing friction from shopping and checkout;
  • Enhancing loyalty programs;
  • Establishing marketplaces;
  • Optimising promotional strategies; and
  • Leveraging stores and other touchpoints to create an appealing omnichannel experience.

Read this report to see how retailers can turn the “Amazon Effect” to their own advantage.

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