Win More Buy Box and Best Offer Positionswith Algorithmic Repricing

Be first to the Buy Box and Best Offer positions.

On marketplaces like eBay most sales are happening in the Buy Box, Best Offer and above-the-fold positions. But beating out tens of millions of sellers and listings to win those top spots requires continually monitoring and adjusting prices. And that’s a job for ChannelAdvisor’s algorithmic repricer.

Our algorithmic repricer uses machine learning and real-time analytics to analyse and automatically adjust prices based on your desired SKU-level maxes and minimums.

The result? More revenue and profits with far less effort.

Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon

ChannelAdvisor’s Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon works to boost Buy Box presence and profits. Our advanced algorithmic repricing technology monitors the competitive landscape of your ASIN to arrive at the the highest possible price within the parameters you set. All to ensure you’ll win the Buy Box at the highest possible price, for purchase after profitable purchase.

Algorithmic Repricer for eBay

Every time you gain a top-three placement on eBay, the profitability potential goes up—as does your chance of landing the sale. ChannelAdvisor’s Algorithmic Repricer for eBay helps sellers capture more buyers without sacrificing revenue. Our eBay repricer responds dynamically to marketplace changes while staying within your price parameters so you can attract more eyeballs and maximise ROI.