Keeping You On the Cutting Edge of E-CommerceBy Putting the Latest Technology and Trends at Your Fingertips

As the e-commerce industry advances, so does ChannelAdvisor. No matter where the latest trends take you, you can count on ChannelAdvisor to help with all of your most important marketing, selling and fulfilling activities. We’re continually revisiting the biggest advantages of our comprehensive platform and making them even better. Here are the latest enhancements:

Amazon Pricing Console

Get all of the pricing information you need to win the buy box and maximise your margins — all on the same screen. The Amazon Pricing Console provides a single view where sellers can access and act on the latest profitability, pricing and competitor data to make better decisions, faster. View per-product performance, adjust repricers, use the profit calculator and more.


Demand Forecaster Premium

Demand Forecaster has long provided brands and retailers with proprietary data to help prevent surplus inventory, stockouts and fulfilment centre holding fees. And now, with Demand Forecaster Premium, you can get even deeper insights to ensure you’ll always have just the right amount of stock. See per-product estimates, get forecasts by channel, predict product depletion dates and more.

Velocity Repricing

ChannelAdvisor Velocity Repricing is the easiest, most effective way to match prices to market demand. As an essential component to your comprehensive pricing strategy, this feature builds on algorithmic repricers and rule-based repricing to ensure each product’s price is always just right.


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