Keeping You On the Cutting Edge of E-CommerceBy Putting the Latest Technology and Trends at Your Fingertips

As the e-commerce industry advances, so does ChannelAdvisor. No matter where the latest trends take you, you can count on ChannelAdvisor to help with all of your most important marketing, selling and fulfilling activities. We’re continually revisiting the biggest advantages of our comprehensive platform and making them even better. Here are the latest enhancements:

Enhancements to WTB Local

The path to purchase just got even easier for your customers. In addition to giving shoppers the option to buy products at local brick and mortar stores, Where to Buy Local allows brand manufacturers to show store-specific product availability and promotions. The ability to provide accurate, near-real-time information to customers not only enhances the overall buying experience but increases your opportunities for conversions.


where to buy example

Amazon Sponsored Brands Support

Sponsored brands box on amazon

ChannelAdvisor’s support for Amazon Sponsored Brands helps your customers discover and engage your brand while searching for the products you sell on Amazon. Quickly create and manage your Sponsored Brands campaigns details, make data-driven decisions based on cross campaign performance data, and automate bidding actions – all within a single platform.


ChannelAdvisor Retailer Network

ChannelAdvisor’s Retailer Network saves you valuable time and resources by allowing you to easily manage all of your first party retail drop ship purchase orders, fulfillments, and invoices on one scalable, automated platform.


ChannelAdvisor retailer network

Advanced Batch Shipping Management

A package on in shipping processing

For high-volume retailers, fast and efficient shipping is critical to maintaining optimal seller ratings and to continuing their participation in marketplace loyalty programs. Advanced Batch Shipping Management gives you the speed you need by automating the entire process of picking, packing, purchasing and printing labels for large groups of orders simultaneously.