Auto8Automates its Way to EBay Success with ChannelAdvisor

Company Overview

Auto 8 is an Australian-based retailer that sells high-quality automotive parts and accessories, including starter motors and air-conditioning parts. Operating since 2011, co-founders Aaron Plum and Warren Smith established the business after noticing the growing rate of internet sales in automotive products.

Auto 8 specialises in providing quality products at competitively low prices, along with offering excellent customer service and technical expertise. In addition to its online presence, Auto 8 also sell its wares through multiple bricks-and-mortar facilities around Australia.

A ChannelAdvisor customer since 2013, Auto 8 currently uses the ChannelAdvisor platform to support its selling efforts on eBay Australia, with a view to expand to additional marketplaces. As a relatively new company, Auto 8 has grown to employ seven staff members, including sales and technical support.

The Situation

After enjoying considerable success in its first few years, Auto 8 identified the need for an

e-commerce software platform to help streamline its operations and lay the foundations for local and international growth.

“In order to scale our business and achieve sustained growth, it was essential for us to deploy an e-commerce platform,” said Warren Smith, co-founder of Auto 8. “Such systems are designed to help retailers like us centralise our operations, provide more effective customer service and make informed business decisions.”

To address this need, Auto 8 initially deployed an open-source e-commerce platform to manage its operations.

“We quickly realised that our chosen tool didn’t match our business and the industry we catered for,” said Smith. “This was an important lesson: The right platform must be compatible with our business, in terms of having the ability to support the channels we sell (and plan to sell) through, as well as the capabilities to help drive growth in our desired direction.”

The Solution

After careful research, in 2013 Auto 8 chose to use ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to help manage its Australian eBay presence. It also drew on ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Services team to get set up on the platform and improve its existing eBay store.

“We chose to strengthen our e-commerce operations with ChannelAdvisor because it came across as the best solution for our needs,” said Smith. “ChannelAdvisor stood out during our research for its automation capabilities and strong reputation in the automotive industry – this was exactly what we needed to simplify our operations and prime our business for lasting growth.”

By utilising the ChannelAdvisor platform, Auto 8 can consolidate and automate much of its listing process on marketplaces such as eBay.

“ChannelAdvisor’s integration with eBay allows us to provide much improved product information, and ultimately serve our customers better,” said Smith. “For example, as part of our setup process, ChannelAdvisor provided a customised listing template, which has allowed us to display our products on eBay in a more consistent, simplified and effective manner.

“On top of this, the ChannelAdvisor platform populates certain product information automatically, saving us critical time and resources,” continued Smith. “In particular, ChannelAdvisor automates eBay’s parts compatibility function for us, which allows us to show all the automotive vehicles that are compatible with a part or accessory in a single listing without requiring manual input on our end.”

Through ChannelAdvisor, Auto 8 is also able to leverage the relationship ChannelAdvisor has with third-party marketplaces such as eBay to sell more effectively.

“ChannelAdvisor’s experienced consultants and industry relationships have opened our doors to further growth opportunities,” said Smith. “Thanks to ChannelAdvisor’s relationship with eBay, we are currently exploring an omnichannel approach with the marketplace’s Click & Collect service. We’re now able to offer more choice and convenience for customers, as they can order from our eBay store online and choose to collect their purchases at one of our bricks-and-mortar facilities nationwide.”

The Results

Within the first few months of implementing ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, Auto 8 saw a 35% increase in monthly sales. Additionally, ChannelAdvisor has helped Auto 8 improve listing efficiency and search visibility by providing integration to eBay parts compatibility. As a result, Auto 8’s eBay listings have more than doubled since launch.

“Thanks to the automation capabilities of the ChannelAdvisor platform, we have been able to achieve significant operational efficiencies,” said Smith.“We are now able to list many more products on eBay, in a much faster and consistent way.”

“Now that we’ve laid the groundwork with ChannelAdvisor, we look forward to leveraging its platform and industry expertise to further grow our business,” said Smith. “With ChannelAdvisor by our side, we’re well-placed to expand successfully to more marketplaces, channels and markets. We’re also looking to take advantage of the digital marketing that ChannelAdvisor offers, as we understand how essential that is to our future success.”




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