Kish Kash EntertainmentKish Kash: Cashes in with ChannelAdvisor

Company Overview

Kish Kash Entertainment is a family owned and run e-commerce business that sells a wide range of DVDs, console and PC games, books, CDs and vinyl records within Australia and New Zealand.

Operating since 2006, the Kish Kash Entertainment team currently comprises four full-time employees, working out of its warehouse and head office in Melbourne, Australia. This close-knit team prides itself on providing top-quality service.

The business uses the ChannelAdvisor platform to maintain its operations across its proprietary webstore ( and also through multiple marketplaces such as eBay and Trade Me in New Zealand.

The Situation

As the business’s eBay presence grew in Australia, Kish Kash Entertainment found it increasingly difficult to manually manage its inventory.

“We saw the need to overhaul our system in order to handle our inventory more effectively, which we identified was our main problem,” said Carl Moynan, manager at Kish Kash Entertainment. “Up until this point, we were recording sales and inventory manually in spreadsheets, which quickly became unmanageable.”

Inventory management wasn’t the only problem Kish Kash Entertainment faced. The company found itself lacking time to uphold its other administrative functions.

“As a team, we found ourselves spending a great deal of time monitoring and dealing with administrative tasks such as managing unpaid disputes on eBay, as well as ensuring that all listings had the most up-to-date pricing information,” said Moynan. “On a given day, there could be as many as 200 price changes we needed to update, which required a lot of manual effort.

“We needed a tool that could centralise and automate our operational information and let us get on with growing our business long-term,” he said.

The Solution

After a thorough research process, as well as meeting with the ChannelAdvisor team at the Professional eBay & eCommerce Sellers Alliance (PeSA) Internet Conference, Kish Kash Entertainment signed on with ChannelAdvisor in 2010.

“We were very impressed with ChannelAdvisor and what it offered our business,” said Moynan. “On top of the benefits its platform presented, ChannelAdvisor set itself apart from the competition with its global presence and around-the-clock support.”

Kish Kash Entertainment initially implemented ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to support its selling efforts on eBay, as well as the Webstores module to manage its own webstore.

“The ChannelAdvisor platform automated many of the functions that previously took myself and the team many hours each week to manually complete,” said Moynan. “For example, we only needed to upload one spreadsheet with all our SKUs and current product information for ChannelAdvisor to automatically update all our eBay listings. The platform also automated processes such as managing unpaid disputes on eBay, saving us valuable time and effort.”

After seeing considerable success via ChannelAdvisor, Kish Kash Entertainment upgraded to the Webstores Amplifier module, while also launching on Trade Me through ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces.

“To help us expand internationally to Trade Me in mid-2013, ChannelAdvisor made sure the process was seamless for us,” said Moynan. “The team provided a comprehensive setup guide for us to cross-check against, and they were always on hand to provide additional support.”

The Results

Since deploying the ChannelAdvisor platform, Kish Kash Entertainment has been able to continue to build its business at double-digit rates while streamlining its operations by funnelling information into one central location.

“Since we started with ChannelAdvisor, the business has grown substantially,” said Moynan. “We’ve seen between 10 and 20 percent growth year on year, and a large part of that is due to ChannelAdvisor’s freeing us up to focus on the bigger strategic picture. We’re now in good stead to expand to other marketplaces, channels and geographies.”

Moynan concludes: “With all the different marketplaces out there, having access to international experience and experienced staff across the many different fields is key — the ChannelAdvisor team more than meets all these needs, and I would definitely recommend ChannelAdvisor to other online retailers.”

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