WineMarketWining, Dining and Streamlining: How ChannelAdvisor supports WineMarket’s growth, efficiency and processes.

Company Overview

WineMarket, a subsidiary of the Woolworths Group, is a discount online wine seller based in Surry Hills, Sydney with its warehouse and stock located in South Australia’s Barossa Valley.

It was a flagship subsidiary of the Cellarmasters Group, one of Australia’s most recognised direct-to-home wine retailers, before the Group was acquired by Endeavour Drinks Group, part of the Woolworths Group portfolio, in 2011. Since then, WineMarket has continued to experience strong growth locally, achieved by a team of only seven employees. WineMarket, which currently sells on eBay and Catch (with plans for further expansion) alongside its proprietary webstore, adopted ChannelAdvisor as part of a broader consolidation following its acquisition.

The Situation

The WineMarket team recognised that to maintain a competitive edge against an increasing number of local and global wine retailers, the business needed to refine many of the back-end processes that supported sales and marketing operations. WineMarket’s small team wished to reorient their focus on direct sales, marketing and relationship building by reducing the time devoted to technical and back-end processes.

“We wanted a solution that could support our growth and sales and supported our marketplace efforts, so that we could stick to what we do and focus on the business,” said Rory Foundling, Digital Marketing Executive at WineMarket.

The Solution

At the start of 2013, WineMarket integrated ChannelAdvisor’s e-commerce platform with its existing NetSuite applications. ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces supports WineMarket’s growing eBay and Catch presence with end-to-end order automation, greatly reducing the time spent manually transferring orders.

“We needed a marketplace presence but also one that could essentially mirror our own website,” Foundling tells us. “Basically, we needed a solution that wouldn’t require huge resources and time to manage, something that was intuitive, self-sufficient and appropriate for our offering (for example, a reliable feed of current prices and stock lists, product descriptions that accurately reflect what is available across platforms).”  

“It’s about having a reliable support network there,” Foundling adds. “We wanted to stay in the business of being able to shift with the market and take advantage of opportunities. It helps having a system in the background that just works and provides that support for us. We can respond quickly and stick to the things that we want to do which is building our business and improving trade.”

The Results

WineMarket has experienced significant growth in the marketplace area, especially on eBay. “We enjoy the flow and ease that ChannelAdvisor allows us to interact with this marketplace,” Foundling explains.

For WineMarket, the biggest results are growth, sales and efficiency. “We are a small team and require our other selling channels to be fairly self-sufficient and encounter minimal roadblocks. ChannelAdvisor and its support have allowed us to respond quickly to any challenges and get on with trading.”

“ChannelAdvisor provides us with procedures that are easy to work with and easy functionality in the office with the team. It’s self-explanatory and easy to use. It’s set up in a way that we don’t have to put in extra hours to micro-manage certain things,” he says. “It’s all streamlined which allows us more time to focus on marketplace promotions and get on with the business that we want to do.”

ChannelAdvisor has helped with listings, automated categorisations and workflow. WineMarket puts a lot of work into display and content copy, providing as much information and keeping product prices to the best price possible at all times, responding to others in the industry. “ChannelAdvisor lets that feed happen pretty seamlessly from a central point in our system that can streamline very quickly across multiple marketplaces with minimal intervention from us.”


Location:Sydney, NSW


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