ZodeeExpands to eBay seamlessly with ChannelAdvisor

Company Overview

Zodee is a family-run e-commerce business specialising in women’s apparel, including designer lingerie, swimwear and clothing. It also offers a wide range of maternity wear, children’s clothing, menswear and beach wear from over 150 brands such as Bonds, Elle Macpherson, Pleasure State and Speedo.

Operating online since 1997, Zodee has grown to become one of Australia’s leading e-commerce etailers in its category, thanks largely to its diverse product catalogue as well as a strong focus on first-class customer service.

To diversify its selling efforts beyond its proprietary webstore (www.zodee.com.au), Zodee signed up as a ChannelAdvisor customer for its launch onto eBay Australia in 2013. The company has plans to expand to additional marketplaces via the ChannelAdvisor platform.

The Situation

While Zodee enjoyed considerable success through its proprietary webstore, the business wanted to explore new ways of growing online revenue. It recognised that eBay was becoming an increasingly popular destination for purchasing brand-new goods — as opposed to secondhand products — and in 2013 decided to expand its presence to eBay Australia.

“Considering the huge popularity of eBay with consumers, it made logical sense to set up a store on the marketplace,” said Simon Pallister, Managing Director at Zodee. “However, we had a large product catalogue to incorporate onto eBay, not only in terms of product range, but also the variety of sizes we had for each product. This would have added significant levels of complexity to the setup process.”

To simplify eBay setup and ongoing maintenance, Zodee decided to canvass the market for an appropriate software solution.

“We were looking for a simple way to integrate our diverse product catalogue into the marketplace, keeping in mind that whatever solution we chose had to also sustain our business growth,” said Pallister.

The Solution

In August 2013, Zodee came on board as a ChannelAdvisor customer and used ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to support its launch into eBay Australia.

“ChannelAdvisor came across as the best fit for our short- and long-term business needs,” said Pallister. “While its platform promised to simplify our eBay setup process, ChannelAdvisor also stood out for its local support and access to global expertise.”

With the help of ChannelAdvisor, Zodee launched on eBay within a few months of deploying the platform.

“By using the ChannelAdvisor platform, our launch on eBay was much easier and more pain-free than it would have been otherwise,” said Pallister. “We only needed to upload one simple data feed into ChannelAdvisor, and the platform transforms that into usable listing ads for us. This dramatically reduced the manual effort required on our end, saving us valuable time and resources.”

ChannelAdvisor’s data capabilities extended beyond the setup process for Zodee. The retailer was also able to rely on the platform to manage its fast-moving inventory effectively.

“Because we were able to automate so many operational functions with the ChannelAdvisor platform, our inventory headaches were minimised,” said Pallister. “ChannelAdvisor allows us to pick up data very quickly — be it new sales, particular sizes or items running out of stock, or unexpected peaks in certain products — and use that information to adjust our listings accordingly.”

The Results

By using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to launch on eBay, Zodee has steadily grown on the marketplace without adding any complexity to its operations.

“Our sales on eBay picked up significantly in the lead-up to the holiday and Christmas season, and since then, we’ve experienced consistent growth month on month,” said Pallister. “ChannelAdvisor has helped us achieve tangible business results, and not just from a revenue standpoint. We were also able to significantly reduce our operational overheads by streamlining our administrative tasks.”

“Now that we’ve established a good foundation with ChannelAdvisor, we look forward to furthering our relationship to other geographies, channels and marketplaces — notably Amazon in the US and Trade Me in New Zealand.”